The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an organization that exists to create a higher standard of integrity in today's market place. It actively pursues its goals by pursuing its values of excellence, trust, teamwork, integrity and respect. The BBB offers accreditations to businesses with a proven track record of honest and ethical dealings. Consumers who trade with businesses that are accredited by the BBB can feel certain that they are dealing with an organization that adheres to these high standards of ethics and operates in goof faith to resolve customer disputes. 

The stamp of approval given by the BBB becomes even more important when dealing with online businesses. It is difficult for consumers to determine the legitimacy of businesses on the Internet. Many shoppers have concerns that they may not receive the items that they pay for or that the goods and services purchased online may not live up to claims. Often, consumers are left with little recourse when online business transactions are dishonest. 

Organizations that are accredited by the BBB must pursue businesses practices that are consistent with the BBB's standards. These include maintaining a positive relationship in the marketplace, advertising honestly, being transparent, fulfilling promises and obligations, safeguarding privacy and approaching all business dealings with integrity. Consumers can feel more confident when conducting business online with an organization that has received BBB accreditations. 

National Custom Insignia assures its customers of its integrity through its BBB accreditation. It has received an A+ rating, the highest available, from the BBB and has a long-term proven record of ethical dealings. This company has dedicated itself to providing the utmost in product quality and customer service. It has put tremendous effort into building their reputation "one satisfied customer at a time," and stands behind their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Through their history of quality service and the BBB, National Custom Insignia is a company that consumers can trust.