For thousands of years, precious metals such as gold and silver have been associated with wealth and prestige. Currencies, jewelry and ornamentation have been made out of these valuable elements since the earliest civilizations. Gold and silver are cherished for their value and their supreme beauty. Lapel pins made of precious metals take advantage of these coveted properties of gold and silver, providing a truly honorific way to acknowledge personalities that have shown the utmost performance.

When it comes to employee recognition, precious metal pins can be used to recognize the most outstanding accomplishments and achievements. Employees who receive these valuable tokens of gratitude are sure to enjoy and adore the value of such a gift. Precious metals are also valuable for their rarity, and the gift of these prized pins shows achievers that they are a rare and valuable addition to the success of the company.

Longevity in the work place is another form of achievement that can be recognized through precious metal pins. They make a great way to say thank you for the employees that have slugged it out in the trenches, year after year, showing their loyalty and dedication to the company. Employees who receive such a valuable gift are sure to feel appreciated for their efforts.

Acknowledgement of excellence isn't just confined to the workplace, nonprofit organizations can reward outstanding service with precious metal pins as well. These could be used to show gratitude for donors and volunteers who have gone "above and beyond" in their commitment to the cause. Nonprofit organizations depend on the hard work of volunteers and outstanding service deserves the exceptional recognition that precious metal pins provide.

Precious metal pins make great rewards for those who have performed admirably in their duties. Such strength of character is uncommon and it deserves the proper gratitude and acknowledgement that precious metal pins delivers.