If you want to give your employee uniforms or your staff dress code an added bit of luxury and sophistication, consider investing in precious metal lapel pins. Pins add a subtle sparkle to your staff’s look, while giving them a unifying element even if your dress code allows a great deal of freedom. We offer several different metal options: silver, gold-filled, 10k and 14k gold, for your precious metal pins. There is no mistaking the distinct brilliance of real gold and silver! What’s more, we are happy to incorporate natural or synthetic gemstones into your design to add an especially luxurious look and a splash of color. Your staff will treasure their custom, precious lapel pins for years to come.

We understand that not all of our customers are professional jewelry designers. That’s not a problem for us! We have an internal staff of designers, and nothing makes them happier than to work with you to design a beautiful lapel pin for your product. We like making happy clients! We can even incorporate additional enhancements such as engraving and enamel color fills. Simply contact us for details and we will help talk you through the process.

We also take pride in our quick turnaround times for custom precious metal lapel pin orders. After art approval, it takes us less than a month for us to process your order and ship the completed pins. For beautiful, meticulous workmanship like ours, we hope you will agree that our turnaround times are positively stellar.

For us, the lapel pin represents the special bond between company and staff, and we believe that the best way to symbolize that bond is with one of these lovely pieces of jewelry. Ask us for samples and you can see the quality of our work!