If you are looking for a creative way to recognize your employees while supporting your brand development, consider adding custom lapel pins to your annual budget. The cost is relatively low, and the potential impact on employee morale and customer recognition of your brand is well worth the investment.

Many businesses today use custom lapel pins as a way to recognize outstanding service by employees. They can be given as a gift after a certain number of years of service, or in recognition of accomplishing specific goals. You should also consider giving these pins out to new employees. The lapel pins then become part of the employee “uniform”, so to speak. Employees can recognize each other by the familiar pin, and outside persons who they interact with will get additional exposure to your brand name. It really speaks to the level of company satisfaction when employees will proudly sport the name or logo of their company.

Custom lapel pins come in many different varieties, and you can get a lot of enjoyment out of designing yours. Start by selecting a base metal. This can be incredibly basic or ornate, depending on the goal of the pin. Add color with soft enamel or cloisonné. You can customize your pins however you like.

Every custom order that goes through LapelPins.com receives the same strict quality control review before it leaves the factory. Our goal is your complete satisfaction, because we know that we owe every bit of our success over the last thirty years to individual customers who return again and again for exemplary service. If your order doesn’t meet your satisfaction, you can return the order for a 100 percent refund, or we’ll remake your order free of charge, your choice. That guarantee can’t be found just anywhere, and it’s the kind of thing that sets LapelPins.com apart from all the rest.